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Wellington Journal & Shrewsbury News, November 18, 1911


Albert Edward Millward, King Street, Dawley, claimed from Messrs. Glaze and Whorton, proprietors of a colliery it Ketley Town, the sum of £4 15s. for repairs at the pit.

Mr. G. E. Espley (Wellington) appeared for plaintiff. The plaintiff stated that from instructions received from one of defendant's employees, Thomas Churm, whose orders were endorsed by Mr. Glaze, he had been engaged from February 13 to March 13 in damp mechanical work: in which he had employed a labourer and fitter. Having finished the work be sent in his, account and payment was promised.

Mr. Whorton (managing partner), in cross-examination, said that Millward, who considered himself a practical blacksmith, had taken his instructions from Churm, who was, a miner. The work done was stated to be insertion of five teeth and repairing a wheel, repairs to cog wheel, piston, boiler, tacking, brass tap, box, and file. Mr. Glaze said he was a member of Victoria Colliery Company, Ketley, and that he received a letter from Millward and he authorised him to proceed with the work little thinking that the charge would be so much. A reasonable charge would have been £2 10s.

Judgment for plaintiff for full amount claimed.


Submitted by Steve Dewhirst

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