2021 NAMHO Conference talks

2021 NAMHO Conference Talks

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SCMCTalks: 3rd & 4th July 2021

Conference Talks

Montage: Rob Vernon (Talks Organiser), Norbury Village Hall datestone, Delegates listening to a talk (Photos: Boo Vernon & Kelvin Lake)

Left: Rob Vernon (Talks Organiser) beside the conference lectern made especially for the event by Andy Harris. Centre: Norbury Village Hall date stone. Right: Socially distanced delegates listening to one of the talks in the Village Hall (Boo Vernon & Kelvin Lake).

Rob Vernon coordinated the lecture programme and managed to arrange an interesting series of talks, including overseas contributions from Spain, Portugal and Lithuania all crammed into 45 minute sessions!

During the conference the talks were recorded. In the table below the green highlights beside the title of a talk indicate those that are available for conference delegates, speakers and helpers to view. The others should be available soon.

To watch a particular talk just click or select its title. You will need a password to access them which the Club secretary will send to all those involved with the conference. You will get the best experience if you watch the talk at 'Full Screen' (the little 4-arrowed square button near the bottom right of the video control bar).

Note: If you haven't received a password for the talks then please send an email to: Andy Wood (Club Secretary) scmc.secretary followed by @ then shropshirecmc.org.uk (Sorry about this but we're trying to reduce the SPAM !)

Saturday 3rd July 2021 – Metal Mining

1 Introduction and Welcome Peter Jackson (NAMHO Chair) & Neal Rushton (Chair, Shropshire Caving and Mining Club)
2 Snailbeach mine - early remains and surface development c.1760-1856 Andy Cuckson (Shropshire Caving and Mining Club)
3 Country Gas - Small scale gas production Cothercott and Bog Mines Mike Shaw (Shropshire Caving and Mining Club)
4 The Cornish Mining Industry: A study in postcards from 1900 Kevin Baker (King Edward Mine, Cornwall)
5 The long and winding road to the Cultural Park of Linares - La Carolina mining district Antonio Ángel Pérez (Colectivo Proyecto Arrayanes, Spain)
6 60 Years of Mining History, Archaeology: A personal journey Peter Claughton (Welsh Mines Society)
7 History of the Coniston Copper Mine Mark Hatton (Cumbria Amenity Trust Mining History Society)
8 Mine Remediation Projects in the UK: The role of the Consultant Martin Downing (Associate Director Wardell Armstrong)
9 30 years of CATMHS Digs Warren Allison (Cumbria Amenity Trust Mining History Society)

Sunday - 4th July 2021 — Coal Mining

10 60 Years of the Shropshire Caving and Mining Club Kelvin Lake (Shropshire Caving and Mining Club)
11 Changes in the Bristol Coal Industry and the need for the SGMRG David Hardwick (South Gloucestershire Mines Research Group)
12 Current SGMRG Projects particularly associated with Newcomen Engines Steve Grudgings (South Gloucestershire Mines Research Group)
13 Chatterley Whitfield Colliery, Stoke-on-Trent, Artifacts and Archives Lloyd Boardman (Friends of Chatterley Whitfield)
14 The British influence on Portuguese coal and metal mining José Manuel Brandão (Associação Portuguesa de Arqueologia Industrial, Portugal)
15 The Wirral Colliery, Neston Phil Pritchard (Northern Mine Research Society)
16 East Midlands Coal Mining Heritage Forum John Amos & Natalie Braber (East Midlands Coal Mining Heritage Forum)
17 Remote methods of Recording Mine workings Neal Rushton (Shropshire Caving and Mining Club)

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