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SCMCUseful Web Links

There are a variety of web sites covering Caving and Mining subjects, and the number is growing every day. Most of the sites can be found by using your favourite search engine. However, as it is sometimes difficualt to know what to search for here are just a few sites to get you started on your virtual subterranean tour (each link will open in a new tab or window).

Man-Made Sites (Mines, etc.)

3D Models of Cornish Steam pumping engines, based on the East Pool Whim engine.

Bal Maidens and Mining Women - a web site exploring the different roles undertaken by women and girls at mine sites around the world .

Bath Stone Group - Owners of Stoke Hill Mine, Limpley Stoke, Bath. Working Stoke Ground Bath Stone. The firm, formed in 1980, reopened the mine and now have the reputation of the premier Bath Stone producer. They actively encourage visitors to see their mining operation, so get in touch if you fancy a visit.

Big Pit - National Coal Museum, Wales. A fascinating museum with excellent surface exhibits in the former pithead buildings, plus a great underground tour.

Carn Brea Mining Society - Cornish Society committed to the preservation of mine sites and their associated buildings. Hosts of InterNAMHO 2000.

Cumbria Amenity Trust Mining Heritage Society - a group involved with the history of mines, preservation and exploration in Cumbria.

Derbyshire Caving Club and Alderley edge Copper Mines - a combined site featuring information about the Caving Club and the fascinating Alderley Edge Copper Mines.

Friends of Williamsons Tunnels - a site dedicated to an amazing network of tunnels under Liverpool. Built as a 'job creation scheme' in the 19th Century, the Friends are trying to raise awareness of the tunnels to prevent destruction.

GAG (Grubenarchäologischen Gesellschaft) - German Mining Heritage site which covers artificial caves, mining exploration and mining history. An interesting site to visit to find out about Fahrkuenste (Man Engines), which are being researched by Thomas Krassmann (English translation available).

Great Orme Explorations Society - Caving, mines, archaeology, history, exploration and discovery, on you've guessed it ... the Great Orme, Llandudno.

Haig Colliery Mining Museum - Cumbria's last deep coal mine, turned into a mining museum, but now closed.

Hendrecoed North Wales Mining History - a project which aims to document and make public aspects of the mining history and associated I.A. of north Wales, including the Merioneth manganese mines.

Heroes of Mine - A brief history of Mines Rescue in the UK

I.A.Recordings - dedicated to the recording of past and present industrial activity on film and video, this group have made a unique collection of videos recorded since 1979. Their archives include quite a lot of underground mining activity and video records of SCMC exploration efforts. - a group of mine researchers specialising in mining history in the North East area of the USA (NJ, NY, PA and Arizona).

Worth a visitKelly Mine Preservation Society - Kelly Shiny Ore Mine, Devon. The KMPS is restoring and preserving this 'time capsule' mine site to working order. Well worth a visit.

Laxey Mines Research Group - A tour of the Mines on the Isle of Man, above and below ground.

Martha Mine, Waihi, North Island, NZ - web site of Waihi Gold Mine, but includes a report on an amazing feat of engineering - moving an intact Cornish beam pumping engine house!! (See the About us -> History -> The Cornish Pumphouse page)

Mining History Network - The Mines of the Bristol and Somerset Coalfield An interesting Mining History site, complete with a Bibliography of British Metal Mining History, details of Mining Historians and useful links to mining orientated sites.

Mining History Research & Exploration - Mike Munro's research and exploration site, covers a lot of Welsh sites.

National Association for Mining History Organisations - formed in 1979 to act as the national body for mining history in the UK and Ireland. There are now over 50 member organisations, including societies, museums, firms, etc..

National Coal Mining Museum for England - based at the Caphouse Colliery, Yorkshire, the site gives an introduction to the museum, its activities, special events and educational facilities.

Northern Mines Research Society - a major mining history group in the UK.

Parys Underground Group - contains information about the historic Parys mountain copper mines near Amlwch, plus a virtual tour of the area.

Peak District Mines Historical Society - one of the major mining history groups in the UK. Covering the mines in the Derbyshire Peak District, they are also responsible for preserving lead mining sites such as Magpie Mine.

Slate Industry of North Wales - a brief introduction to the Welsh Slate industry.

Souterrains home page - contains information on man-made underground sites in a wide variety of different countries, plus details of numerous 'mining' groups, museums and places of interest, plus a useful 'Mining Lexicon'.

Shropshire Mines Trust - Site of this Charitable Trust which aims to preserve Mine buildings in Shropshire (UK).

Sygun Copper Mine - a unique mining museum at Beddglert, Wales.

Welsh Mines Society - home page

Cave Rescue

Midlands Cave Rescue Organisation (MCRO)

Gloucestershire Cave Rescue Group (GCRG)

North Wales Cave Rescue Organisation (NWCRO)

South & Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team (SMWCRT)

Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation (DCRO)

British Cave Rescue Council (BCRC)


Cave Sites

British Caving Association (BCA) - home page of the National Body for Caving in the UK.

British Cave Research Association (BCRA) - with links to their special interest groups, details of events and publications.

Cave Diving Group - Official Site of the CDG of Great Britain - the longest established diving club in the world.

Dudley Caving Club -(formerly Dudley cave Rescue Team) active in the Midlands and Wales. Their Club house is an old windmill, the outside of which is used for SRT and rigging practice.

Cave Paintings at the "Grotte Chauvet", Vallon-Pont D'Arc, France - from the French Ministry of Culture, the site provides a tour around this unique and fascinating site. Many of the rare cave paintings to be found in this cave are featured here, along with descriptions and supporting historical background. The virtual tour is superb. (Available languages: French, English & Spanish)

Grotto Cosquer - Web site of this famous sea cave decorated with interesting cave art. The cave entrance is 37 metres under the Mediterranean and along a 175m tunnel. (Available languages: French or English)

"Grotte Lascaux" - an amazing web site for an amazing cave system. Discovered in 1940, the cave paintings are fascinating. The virtual tour provided by this web site is a MUST. (Available languages: French, English, Spanish and German)

National Speleological Society (USA) - American National Speleo Society, covers mainly caving, spelunking or pot-holing. Has a good set of links to other cave sites around the world.

Northeast Regional Organization (USA) - part of the NSS, this group covers the area of the northeast United States and Eastern Canada.

South Wales Caving Club - Covers caving in South Wales. - Speleological sites in Italy, run by Società Speleologica Italiana, covers man made and caving sites. (Italian language only)

Speleo Nederland - The Caving Clubs of the Netherlands, mainly in Dutch, with some English language pages. - underground exploration in the UK, cavers forum and photogallery.

Specialist Sites, Underground Mags & Software

AditNow - Mine exploration web site and discussion forum including a searchable worldwide database of mines and quarries and tens of thousands of photographs and documents.

Oh, no ... another bat...!Bat Conservation Trust - Contains all you ever wanted to know about bats, but never got round to ask!. You can even listen to their sounds!!

Protector GR6Protector Lamp Co. - website of the original Protector Flame Safety Lamps, makers of underground lighting since 1873.

Wolf Safety Lamp Company - Established in Leeds in the 1880's as a distributor for German mining lamp manufacturer Friemann and wolf. Wolf is now the world's leading manufacturer of hazardous area portable and temporary lighting.



Magazines & Books

Mike Moore Books - New and second-hand mining books.

Speleo Magazine - considered by some (well Michel Siffre anyway) to be the most beautiful caving magazine in the world (!) the web site is certainly very arty. English language pages should be available soon - for the same price as the French version.

Stalactite Publishing - the new publishers of Descent Magazine, UK's foremost caving magazine.

Wild Place Publishing - publishers of specialist caving magazines and former publishers of Descent Magazine.



Compass, Cave Survey Software - a collection of windows and Dos programs developed by Larry Fish. The site details the latest changes to COMPASS and how to download the package (a basic package charge is 25 US$ made via PayPal).

Suvex Software - underground surveying software site. The software has been developed by a group of cave surveyors and is freely available for others to use. Visit the site for more information.

Winkarst Survey Software - a surveying package developed by Gary Petrie. The latest version allows for 3D passage modelling. The site has links to most other Cave Surveying Software sites, plus pictures of Lechiguilla and Oregon Lava tubes.


Web Rot

As the internet is constantly changing, if you spot any broken links in this list please let us know.



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