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The Smidgin Collection

Smidgin Collection

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SCMCThe Smidgin Collection

top of pitch.. a vertical pitch.. a side passage.. another vertical pitch.. another vertical pitch.. a vertical pitch.. another side passage.. a vertical pitch.. another side passage.. boulder choked sump..


Smidgin No. 1 - Preparing for underground

Smidgin No .2 - The Single Rope-Multiple gadget Technique

Smidgin No. 3 - The art of prussiking on dynamic rope

Smidgin No. 4 - The Joys of Caving (1)

Smidgin No. 5 - The Joys of Mining (1)

Smidgin No. 10 - Underground Surveying Techniques

Smidgin No. 13 - Modern Technology Underground

Smidgin No. 14 - Training an Underground Rescue Dog !  [K-P the Mole-hound]

Smidgin No. 15 - D.I.Y. Club equipment and gear

Smidgin No. 16 - Stars in the underground epic "Dances with Bats"

Smidgin No. 20 - Underground First Aid Tips (Advanced)

Smidgin No. 21 - The Importance of Environmental Monitoring during Rescue Practices

Smidgin No. 22 - The Joys of Caving (2)

Smidgin No. 23 - Breaking New ground ...

Smidgin No. 24 - Look after your kit and it'll look after you !


a flying bat

Smidgin No. 32 - A Cavers Carol ....

Smidgin No. 38 - The Joys of Rural Caving and Mining

Smidgin No. 39 - Proving the Connection - from both ends !


Smidgin No. 45 - New Tackle Officer "Cleans Up" !

These bats are everywhere!


A stinky (carbide lamp)


These bats are everywhere!



The Founder member!


NOT another bat!

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