Location map of mines east of Ironbridge, along the northern bank of the River Severn
Covering: Madeley or Jockey Bank, the Lloyds and Blists Hill
Location map of mines east of Ironbridge Wesley Road Area, Jockey Bank Bedlam Adits Stone Pit Tunnel Stilehouse Pit Baugh's Pit Middle Pit Dales Pit Lloyds Clay Pit Lloyds Ironstone & Coal Pit or Lloyds Crawstone Pit New Coppice Pit Union Pit Wharf Pit Lloyds Pumping Pit Old Coppice Pit Water Engine Air Pit Walletts Pit New Hill or Dingle Cape Pit  


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Reports on mines & sketches: Ivor Brown


Bad Air Warning Bad Air - Although most of the mine in this area are now sealed bad air - mainly oxygen deficiency has been recorded in them in the past.

If you visit the area: DO NOT enter any workings or tunnels without proper precautions - people have died in tunnels in the Gorge through bad air, so BEWARE.