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Rather than lose material through the lack of publication, it was felt that small research topics should be released to a wider audience - if only to prevent the duplication of work by others, these items of historical interest which were considered too long for "Below!" and too short to be a Club "Account" are printed in the Club Journal.

Some items from the journals have been reproduced on this web site (in the >Labyrinth or Armchair cavers section).

Sorry, but we only print a limited number of each Journal and they are now all out of print

Topics covered in the 1993 to 2004 Journals are:

Journal 1, Published 1993


  •  Why are Tankerville's Main Lodes where they are? Richard Fowler
  •  Guide to Carrying out your own Research Project, Adrian Pearce
  •  Gholstly SOunds from Glas Shaft, Esgairhir Mine, Bob Southwick
  •  Steam Engines of Pennerley Mine, Ivor Brown
  •  Field Notes on Shropshire Mines - 1993, Adrian Pearce
  •  St. Just United & Porthledden Mines, Roy Fellows
  •  Near Disaster in Brynfedwen Mine, Bob Southwick
  •  Who Protects our Monments? Adrian Pearce
  •  An Anagram, a Legend, a Miscarriage of Justice and a Fake, David Coxall
  •  The HIgh Blantyre Mine Disaster, Nick Southwick
  •  Recent Changes at Snailbeach Mine, Steve Holding
  •  Technical Aspects of Snailbeach Phase 1, Alan Robinson
  •  Wilderley Copper Mine, Malcolm Newton & Adrian Pearce

Journal 2, Published 1994


  •  Moelferna Slate Quarry, J.D.Evans
  •  The Contest, Terry Davies
  •  Nantymwyn Lead & Zinc Mine, Roy Fellows
  •  Westcott Mine, Adrian Pearce
  •  A Share of Cornish Tin, George Hall
  •  Central Snailbeach Lead Mine, Nigel Chapman
  •  Bwlch-y-Plwm Lead Mine, Harold Morris & Ron Twigg
  •  Rhadley & Sallies Mines, Alisdair Neill
  •  Tankerville's Main Lodes - a Response, George Hall
  •  Dressing Floors on the Kingside Lode, Copa Hill, Cwmystwyth Mine, Colin Armfield
  •  Listed Mine Sites in Shropshire, Adrian Pearce
  •  Clearance & Examination of Stone Building on Copa Hill, Colin Armfield
  •  Coal Mining in the Shrewsbury District, Stuart Tomlins
  •  Well at Lilleshall Hall, Newport, David Coxall & Adrian Pearce
  •  Pant y Wrach Copper Mine, Harold Morris
  •  Explorations at Rorrington Mine, Steve Powell
  •  South Shropshire Project 1993-94

Journal 3, Published 1995


  •  Surface Mining Remains in Shropshire
  •  Mines of the North Shropshire Coalfields - Some Sources of Information, Ivor Brown
  •  The Coalbrookdale Coalfield, David Coxill
  •  Point of Ayr Colliery - a Change in Working Methods, Adrian Pearce
  •  The Shaft Sinking Saga at Ifton Colliery 1912-14, Ivor Brown
  •  Geology & Extraction History of Non-Aggregate Mineral Resources of Staffordshire, David Coxill
  •  Early Mining Maps of the Ironbridge Gorge, Ivor Brown
  •  Frongoch Mine - an Undergorund Exploration, Roy Fellows
  •  Miner's Housing in the Shropshire Hills, Ivor Brown
  •  Ketley Hill Tunnel System, Adrian Pearce
  •  Survey of Stanley Colliery, Highley & Associated Features, David Poyner & Robert Evans
  •  Penrhyn Mawr Diggers Reach Rock Bottom, Harold Morris
  •  Clee Hills Colliery near Ludlow, Nigel Chapman

Journal 4, Published 1996


  •  Kiwi Gold - Past & Present, Alan Robinson
  •  Cissbury Bellpits, Sussex, David Coxill
  •  Gilfach Copper Mine, Steve Powell
  •  John Lloyd, the Lilleshall Company, Steam Engines, Fans & Pumps, Ivor Brown
  •  Tankerville Mine, Adrian Pearce
  •  Bacheiddon Mine, Roy Fellows
  •  Memories of Ifton Colliery, Harry Richards
  •  Mamble Colliery, David Poyner & Robert Evans
  •  The Miners Welfare Fund in Shropshire 1920-1947, Ivor Brown
  •  Cwmbrwyino Mine, Roy Fellows
  •  Linley Caverns, Walsall, Steve Powell
  •  Some Mining Remains in Ireland, Nick Southwick & Mike Moore
  •  The Central Snailbeach Mine, Andy Cuckson

Journal 5, Published 1997


  •  Recent Finds in Llanymynech Ogof, Pete Owen
  •  Colliery Closures in the British Coalfield, in paerticular the Staffodshire Coalfied, David Coxill
  •  Excavation of the Mine Managers Office at Snailbeach Mine, Steve Southwick & Sue Brueton
  •  Mining History, Ireland and the World Wide Web: a Survey of Current Resources, Greg Fewer
  •  Coal Nationalisation 50 Years on - the East Shropshire Coalfield, David Coxill
  •  Memories of Madeley, Harry Micklewright
  •  Review of the Geological Memoir of Telford & the Coalbrookdale Coalfield, David Coxill
  •  Henfwlch Mine Explored, Roy Fellows
  •  General Rules & Special Rules at Shropshire Mines, Ivor Brown
  •  Descent of Watson's Shaft, Tankerville Mine, Alan Robinson
  •  The Examination for Shropshire's Potential Colliery Managers in 1901, Ivor Brown
  •  Mining in Hunthouse Wood, Mamble, Worcestershire, David Poyner, Andrew Santer & Robert Evans
  •  More Mining Remains in Ireland, Nick Southwick & Mike Moore

Journal 6, Published 1998


  •  Priors Moor, Billinglsey, David Poyner & Robert Evans
  •  Meadow Pit Colliery - the Mine that Worked under Madeley Town, Ivor Brown
  •  Glogfach & Glogfawr Mines, Roy Fellows
  •  George ferriday and the 1912 accident at Billingsley Colliery, David Poyner
  •  Answers to Colliery Manager's Certificate Exams, Ivor Brown
  •  Rock Mine, Alan Robinson
  •  The Roman Gravels, Clifford Evans
  •  Comments on Colliery Closures, Ivor Brown
  •  John Williamson's Tunnels, Steve Powell
  •  Photograph of Roundhill Mine, Adrian Pearce
  •  Ode to Onslow, John Martin
  •  Granville Colliery Disaster 1904 - its Aftermath, Ivor Brown
  •  Bats in Shropshire Mines, Mike Worsfold
  •  Mineral Extraction and Town & Country Planning, David Coxill

Journal 7, Published 2001


  •  Field Work at Mable Colliery, 1997-9, David Poyner
  •  The Cliffdale Barytes Company, Andy Cuckson
  •  The Snailbeach Barytes Mill, Andy Cuckson
  •  Bones recovered from the Ogof (Roman Mine), Llanymynech Hill, Powys, Alan Tyler
  •  Mock Tree Caves, Near Leintwardine, Herefordshire), Steve Powell
  •  Mock Tree Quarry Caves, Steve Powell
  •  Mining in Shropshire in 1900, Ivor Brown
  •  Some Small Mines in the Coalbrookdale Coalfield, 1950-1970, Ivor Brown
  •  Clive Copper Mine - safety works, Peter Sheldrake
  •  Creswell Colliery, An account of the 1950 accident 50 years on, John Priest

Journal 8, Published 2003


  •  The Tragedy near Telford Town Centre, Dark Lane Pit Disaster 29th Dec. 1862, Ivor Brown
  •  Mining at Callow Hill, Andy Cuckson
  •  Bog Mine down to 1760, Michael Shaw
  •  The Industrial Archaeology of Whatsill No.3 Pit, Titterstone Clee Hill, David Poyner
  •  Demonstration at Madeley, Ivor Brown
  •  Mining on Cothercott Hill (Cothercott & Wilderley Mines and their transport), Michael Shaw
  •  Upper Hayton Copper Mine, David Poyner
  •  Shropshire Miners Wages in the 1950's, Ivor Brown
  •  Colliery Managers Pocket Book, 1902 - Answering Questions in Mining Examinations
  •  1769 Inventory of Snailbeach Lead Mine, Michael Shaw
  •  Early Methods of lighting in coal mines, Alan Vickers
  •  Mining in Shropshire in 1901, Ivor Brown

Journal 9, Published 2004


  •  Mining remains by Highley Station, David Poyner
  •  The Parrys and Central Stores, Andy Cuckson
  •  Some Notes on Rescuing Trapped Miners using ‘Boreholes’, Ivor J. Brown
  •  Alfred Hewitt of Snailbeach, Lead Mine Worker 1878-1974, Ivor J. Brown
  •  The Old Wind Terminus of the Shropshire Canal, Kelvin Lake
  •  The “Shropshire Method” or “Longwall Method of Mining”, Ivor J. Brown
  •  The work of Dr. William Reid Clanny, Alan Vickers
  •  The Shropshire Barytes Industry, Michael Shaw
  •  Steam Engines on the Clee Hill to 1810, David Poyner
  •  Lead mining in Shropshire before 1815, James Lawson
  •  Some Mining Artefacts in Level Fawr, Cwmystwyth Lead Mine, Kelvin Lake


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