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Shropshire, May 1940

Shropshire, May 1940


Wellington Journal, Saturday May 31st 1940
Lorry Contacts Electric Cable

Four men were killed last night when a tipping lorry with which they were working came in contact with a live electric wire at the Farley Quarry, Much Wenlock.

The lorry, which was engaged in tipping rock, was standing near the wires, and as the rear portion was tilted there was a vivid flash and some of the men actually on the lorry and the others close by were contacted.

The four dead men are:-
Thomas C. Cooke, aged 47, labourer, of 5, Havelock Crescent, Much Wenlock;
William Evans, labourer, of 1, King Street, Broseley;
Charles Rawlings, lorry driver, address as yet unknown;
Frederick Fewtrell, lorry driver, address also unknown.

The bodies of the four men are now at the Much Wenlock Cottage Hospital and the District Coroner has been informed.

It is understood that two of the men were engaged in winding the winches when contact was established with the overhanging power line. The other two rushed to their assistance but were caught by the current and eventually shared the same fate. Artificial respiration was applied without success.

The two men whose addresses are not given were employed by Mr. V. A. Downes, haulage contractor of Avonlea, Cardington, near Church Stretton.

Submitted by Ivor Brown
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