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The County Times, Saturday October 13th 1923


A pleasant social gathering took place at the Herbert Arms Hotel, Chirbury, on Saturday evening, when the directors of the Ridge Hill Barytes Mine Ltd. entertained their employees in celebration of the cutting of the lode from their new shaft. The mine, which is situated at the foot of the Ridge Hill, a little over a mile from Chirbury, has been worked for some years on the 'incline and level” system with fair success, but in order to get to greater depth and tap the resources in the way of barytes which the management felt sure to exist, it was decided to sink a shaft, and operations were begun on 11th April last. The work was engineered and carried out successfully under the direction of Mr. W. Croft and was carried out by Mr. A. Bishop, the mines foreman, and his staff, in a very creditable manner. The shaft which is 177 feet in depth was completed on August 21st, and a cross cut to the lode was begun on the following day. The lode was cut on 12th September, at a distance of 60 feet from the shaft. The vein which has been struck is a good one, 4 ft. 6 ins. wide, and is confidently expected to ensure prosperous working for some years to come, and is, moreover, of excellent quality. The operations will have a good effect on employment in this district.

The dinner on Saturday was attended by all the men employed at the mine. An excellent dinner was provided under the direction of Mr. C. V. White. The managing director, Mr. J. H. Crumpsty, presided, and was supported by Mr. J. J. Baines, secretary; Mrs Crumpsty, Mrs Baines, Mr W. Crofts, Mr E. Crumpsty and Mr A. Bishop. The toast of 'The King' was honoured, and a capital programme of songs was contributed by Mr. Baines, Mr. C. V. White, Mr. C. F. Millington, Mr. E. Crumpsty and Mr. S. Gardner. Miss Joan Coxon was the accompanist. Entertainments by Mr. A. Erskine were also very much appreciated. During an interval in the programme the toast of the evening, 'The Ridge Hill Mine', was proposed by the Chairman. He congratulated Mr. Croft, Mr. Bishop, and all concerned on the part they had taken in the operations. Mr. Baines, in supporting, said the directors had decided to sink another sixty or ninety feet, as they knew that meant continuation of work for them all. Mr Croft thanked the Chairman and Mr. Baines for their remarks. Mr. Bishop, on his own behalf and on behalf of the men, thanked the previous speakers for their remarks, and expressed his appreciation of the good relations existing between the company and their employees.


Submitted by Steve Dewhirst

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