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Wellington Journal & Shrewsbury News, March 25, 1911


Mr. F. H. Potts, Borough Coroner, on Friday last week held an inquest at the Institute, Madeley, concerning the death of James Henry Dudley, 56, a collier.

Clara Dudley, wife of deceased, living at Prince Street, Madeley, stated that her husband had been in the employ of the Madeley Wood Company ever since he was a boy. On the 23rd October last year he was working, at the Kemberton pits, when he was injured by a fall of roof, and his leg was badly cut. He went on working till December 2nd, when he complained of being in pain, so she called in Dr. Droop who ordered him to the Broseley Hospital. A week later he underwent an operation.

On March 1st he was discharged from the hospital apparently all right but he had not resumed his work. On the Monday after he left the hospital, witness said, deceased complained of pain in the back of the head. He kept getting worse, and on he 7th inst. Dr. Droop saw him and ordered him to bed. He gradually got worse and died on Wednesday night.

Dr. Droop stated that when he first saw deceased, he was suffering from a violent pain in the stomach, which he thought was partly due to the rupture. He saw him constantly in the hospital, and he appeared perfectly well when he came out; but he complained of a slight cough. On the 7th inst. he found that deceased was suffering from influenza.

The jury returned a verdict of "Death from natural causes."


Submitted by Steve Dewhirst

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