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Warminster and Westbury Journal, Saturday 19 September 1908, page 2

An official report issued on Monday states that seven explosions occurred in the flooded Maypole Colliery, Wigan, where 75 men perished in an explosion on the 18th of last month.

Four of the explosions were violent, and fire must have come up the shaft, as a piece of cloth eight yards above the surface was burned, whilst stout timber at the mouth was shattered.


Other Maypole Colliery Disaster Reports

  1. The Maypole, Diary of a Colliery Disaster by John Hannavy & Roy Lewis, publisher: Wigantech Publications, 1983 ISBN 0 9500 280 9 6
  2. The Wigan Observer, Saturday August 22nd, page 8 onwards. An extensive report including 2 pictures taken by a local photographer.
  3. The Maypole Colliery Explosion, Report of the Inquiry into the Explosion, by Samuel Pope (barrister at law) and Henry Hall (HM Inspector of Mines) it was made public on November 9th 1909, and published as a 236 page booklet by Thomas Wall & Son (The Wigan Observer - the local newspaper).

Submitted by Roger Gosling

A Memorial to the victims can be found in Abram Churchyard, Wigan.

In St. Patrick's Church, Wigan; a marble plaque to 21 of the victims can be found in the floor of the porch.

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