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Wellington Journal & Shrewsbury News, November 10, 1906


Mr. F.H.Potts, Coroner, held an inquiry on Wednesday concerning the death of Arthur Turner. George Turner, father of the deceased, a colliery winder residing in Park Street (Madeley), said that his brother Charles brought home the deceased saying he had fallen into boiling water at the Meadow Pit. The lad was scalded from the knees downwards. Dr.Reynolds attended the injuries, and the boy up to the time of his death.

Deceased told a witness that in saving his little brother he fell into the water himself. The water was about a yard deep. Deceased had been at the Meadow Pit playing cricket with other boys.

There was no public footpath or road within 80 yards of the place where he fell in. The hot water from the boiler of the pumping engine was emptied into the ditch once a month, and they were emptying the boiler when the deceased fell in, James Sherwood and George Jenks, 2 little boys, also gave evidence, Jeanette Ward, wife of a banksman, stated that she saw from her window deceased fall into the water.

The Jury returned a verdict of "Death from scalds, accidentally received."

Tombstone of Arthur Turner in Madeley Churchyard

Submitted by Ivor Brown

Note: The accident happened on 20th October 1906.

Following the death of her son (Arthur aged 8), Mrs.Turner (a mosaic worker at Maw & Co.,Jackfield) purchased a tombstone and spent her spare time sitting in her front room placing the mosaic pieces on to the headstone.

If you are passing St. Michael’s Churchyard, Madeley it is worth visiting the grave (near the Church tower), the centre piece of the stone is a cross entwined with red roses, with the inscription running around the edge. It has recently been repaired and nicely restored by the Madeley Living History project after a number of years of neglect.

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