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Wellington Journal & Shrewsbury News, March 1, 1906


An alarming accident occurred on Wednesday at Rushton, near Wellington, when William Active of Rushton, and Walter Griffiths of Eaton Constantine, were severely injured as the result of an explosion at the stone quarry, called the "Rushton Rock Hole", which is situated under the Wrekin.

It appears that the men, who were at work in the quarry, put in a charge of gun-powder or some other explosive, and then retired a safe distance away.

The charge did not explode after the usual interval, and the men went into the quarry again with the result that the charge immediately exploded, and both men sustained dreadful injuries, their faces being terribly lacerated. Dr.Wedd was summoned, and the workmen were removed to the Eye and Ear Hospital at Shrewsbury. At one time it was thought that owing to the dreadful nature of the injuries they would lose their sight, but hopes are now entertained that such will not be the case, and that the men will eventually recover. Active's cap was found in a field 20 or 30 yards from where the explosion occurred.


Submitted by Steve Dewhirst

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