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Wellington Journal & Shrewsbury News, May 17, 1902


Yesterday another meeting of mine owners and managers, convened by Mr. W. N. Atkinson (his Majesty's Inspector of Mines), was held at Wellington to further consider the model special rules for timbering in mines. The rules of the Mining Association of Great Britain are taken as the basis for special rules in each district, and it was re-commended that the North Staffordshire special rules should be adopted in Shropshire. -- Mr.Beech, on behalf of the Lilleshall Company, intimated that the company would accept the North Staffordshire rules, with the exception of that relating to signalling, which was a little different in Shropshire from the system in other counties. -- After full discussion it was unanimously resolved that the North Stafford rules be adopted for all coal and ironstone mines in the county, but. that the present mode of signalling, which had been in existence for a great number of years and had worked satisfactorily, be continued.


Submitted by Steve Dewhirst

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