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Shropshire, July 1901

Shropshire, July 1901


Wellington Journal & Shrewsbury News, 6th July 1901

The adjourned inquiry relative to the death of the man, John H. Wallace, who was killed by a fall of coal in the Lilleshall Co's Granville Pits last week was held before Mr. J. V. T. Lander (coroner) yesterday, Mr. Makepeace (his Majesty’s Inspector of Mines) being present. Mr. Beech represented the Lilleshall Company.

Charles Matthews said he was a fireman, and employed at these pits. On the 27th ult. he heard from the driver what had happened. Witness at once went to the place and assisted to get deceased out. He was quite dead — In answer to the Inspector, witness said he was the fireman. He had been through the place where deceased was working three times that morning. It was properly spragged. Witness said he had examined the place where the fall occurred, and it then appeared quite safe, and well timbered. A long spragg up to the coal would probably keep it up, and perhaps it would be a safer guard. He did not see any reason why they should not have used them. Deceased could have had whatever timber he wanted. — In answer to the Foreman, witness said he considered deceased a very careful man at his work.

Frederick Lealand, who was working close to deceased when the slip took place, said the roof that fell covered deceased, and weighed about three or four tons. — In answer to the Inspector, witness said they had set spraggs that morning, and there were two under the face that fell. Witness had set them, and they were properly set.

The long spraggs having been suggested by the Inspector for a safer guard, Mr. Beech (on behalf of the company) said he would see that the suggestion was carried out, and the long spraggs used in future. A verdict of "Accidental death" was returned.

Submitted by Steve Dewhirst

The accident occurred on Thursday 27th June, 1901 in a seam of the Granville mine known as "Randles".
The adjourned inquest took place on Friday 5th July 1901. 

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