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Shrewsbury & Wellington Journal, May 20th, 1899


ACCIDENT.—On Monday morning about 8.30 a serious accident occurred to a youth (about 14), named Alfred Gough (son of Charles Gough, Severn side, Iron-Bridge), who was employed in a coalpit at the Fish House, Broseley, worked by Mr. Richard Jones of Ferney Bank, Broseley. It appears that Gough was passing along the tramway when there was a slight fall, of earth, caused by a slip on the side, and before he could get out of the way it fell upon him, fracturing one of his thighs, besides other slight injuries. Dr. Jacobsen was immediately sent for, and he was promptly in attendance at the pit, but for more effectual examination of his patient he had him conveyed to his surgery, where he, together with his partner (Dr. Holt), did all that was necessary in the case, and upon their advice he was sent to the Salop Infirmary, his father and his employer (Mr. Richard Jones) accompanying him. It appears that shortly before the accident the place where the earth fell was examined and thought to be safe.


Submitted by Steve Dewhirst

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