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Wellington Journal and Shrewsbury News, 1st January 1898


The Barytes Factory at Hanwood, where a fatal catastrophe occurred a short time ago, has been the scene of another alarming accident. Since the collapse of the mill men have been engaged in clearing away the debris which almost completely choked the lower part of the building.

During these operations on Wednesday an arch over the first floor supporting a number of barrels gave way during the latter’s removal. Samuel Rogers (37), a cooper, and John Jones, labourer, fell a distance of about 20 feet to the ground below, Jones being wedged in between the barrels. He was extricated with great difficulty and sustained serious injuries. Rogers was felled to the ground and struck a violent blow on the head, and he, as well as Jones, had to be medically attended. What the result would have been if a large arm of iron had not prevented one, and perhaps two, of the casks falling upon Jones can only be conjectured. It is a singular coincidence that Rogers is the father of the boy who was killed a short time since by the collapse of the mill.



Submitted by Steve Dewhirst

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