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Shropshire, December 1897

Shropshire, December 1897


Shrewsbury Chronicle, December 19, 1897

An accident of the most alarming and serious nature occurred in the village of Hanwood near Shrewsbury early on Saturday morning when the mill used by the Wotherton Barytes Company suddenly collapsed and the building was totally wrecked.

The mill, which is a long brick structure, is situated at the bottom of the lane which leads to the Rea Brook and used for the purpose of grinding spar.

The machinery is such which is of heavy description and the shafting, wheels and pulleys employed run through the whole building of four storeys. At about seven o'clock when the workmen were at the various occupations some bricks fell and a cracking noise which was heard above the noise of the machinery alarmed them.

All of the occupants but two were enabled to quit the building and the central part of the mill collapsed.

A man called Samuel Rogers whose duty was to repair barrels was working at the end of his bench and his little boy, five years of age, who had recently come to keep his father company, was at the other end of the bench in the middle of the room.

A strange feature of the affair is that the walls and both ends of the building were left standing and while the father was perfectly unharmed, the boy, who was only a few foot away was crushed underneath and when his body was found, quite dead.

Submitted by Brian Tildesley

The Incident took place on Saturday 18th December.

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