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Shropshire, July 1896

Shropshire, July 1896


Wellington Journal, 25th July 1896
To Colliery Owners and Others.

TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, on Wednesday, August 5th,
all the WORKING PLANT in and upon the premises of the CONEYBURY PITS, BROSELEY.


Will SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, on the above date, from instructions of the Executors of the late Mr. S. Meredith, deceased.

ALL the WORKING PLANT, which will include a Nine-horse-power Upright High-pressure Engine (with brake and all connections), One Steam Boiler (27ft. by 4ft. 6ins., 7/16 split, with all the brickwork attached), Two Force Pumps (with feed water tank, One-tank Water Boiler (27ft. by 4ft. wide, with stop valve and all connections), Pit Frame and Pulley, a New Winding Chain (120 yards), quantity of Pit Timber, about 1,260 Yards of Iron Rails (in lots), about 400 Iron Sleepers, Two Pairs of Chain Tacking (with bonnet), Five Pit Baskets, 10 Squares, a Six-ton Weighing Machine (which has just been tested,with all brick work), a New Wire Rope (120 yards, quite new), Two strong Carts and Taripples (?), Horse Gearing and Horse Pit Gearing, a Pit Pony (5 years, with gearing); about 30 Tons of Prime HAY, the growth of 1895-6; with all the Working Tools and Plant of the Pit.


Catalogues to be had from Auctioneer’s Officers, Madeley and Broseley.

Submitted by Steve Dewhirst


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