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Wellington Journal & Shrewsbury News, 16th February 1895


ACCIDENT. "On Monday, Mr. John Pritchard, who is employed by the Madeley Wood Co. as engineer at the Meadow Pits, met with rather a severe mishap. It appears one of the iron plates forming the floor of the engine-house had been removed, and Mr. Pritchard entering the engine-house, fell through the aperture, and sustained severe injuries to his arm and shoulder. Fortunately no bones were broken.

THE WEATHER. "The severity of the weather still continues, and this week work has been suspended at the Meadow Colliery owing to the water at the bottom of the pit being frozen, thus rendering work out of the question. The Court Pool is visited by the skating fraternity, but the Severn at Ironbridge seems to be the attraction, the river being frozen over from the Meadow Bridge to Buildwas, a distance of one mile.


Note: Accident occurred on the 11th February, 1895

Submitted by Steve Dewhirst

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