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Wellington Journal & Shrewsbury News, May 14th, 1881

People of the Midlands should of all others be interested in any enterprise which tends towards the improvement of the supply and the reduction of the price of coal.

Especially warm should be their concern in such a project when the field of operation is almost in their midst, and when its promoters are gentlemen of unquestioned commercial position. The mineral property at Billingsley, Salop, for the working of which a company known as the Severn Valley Minerals Company Limited was some time ago formed with a capital of £160,000, in £5 shares, is one of the most important mining estates in the Severn Valley district.

The Wyre Forest coalfield, of which this property forms a portion, occupies, according to Professor Moloneux, an area of about eighteen miles in length, which has not hitherto been developed from the want of railway communication. This has now been obviated, as a branch line has recently been completed between the colliery and the Great Western line.

On the Billingsley estate two shafts or pits have been sunk, and the coal obtained has proved suitable for every purpose. The brooch seam yields a first-class quality for household purposes, and commands the best prices in the market. The heathen seam coal generates in burning an extraordinary amount of heat, which makes it especially valuable for blast furnaces, lime works, &c. The beds of fire-clay, which are said to be inexhaustible, are in themselves a valuable property.

The seams of ironstone are likewise very rich. It will be readily understood that the. natural advantages possessed by this colliery enable the coal to be raised at a minimum cost, while its nearness to the large towns of Kidderminster, Worcester, and Shrewsbury, permits of goal being sold there at " very low rate indeed. We thus prominently direct attention to this company, because we learn that there are a few shares for sale. Particulars will, we doubt not, be given on application to the secretary of the colliery, near Bridgnorth.

Submitted by Steve Dewhirst

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