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Shropshire, June 1875

Shropshire, June 1875


Wellington Journal 5th June 1875
Shropshire and North Wales Mining Intelligence - from The Mining World

BOG (25th May) - The 175-fm. level driving west by the side of the Whitestone loade has suddenly become hard. We have, therefore, taken the men back to the old forebreast, where the ground at present is also hard and slow for progress. The level driving east on the south lode is worth 1 ton of lead ore per fm. ; prices for driving £5 per fm.

153-fm. level having cut the lode in the cross-cut driving north at this level, we have commenced to drive east on its course, where we are opening out good ground for tribute, worth fully 1 ton lead per fm. We are pleased to report a great improvement at this level on the main lode driving west, which at present is worth fully 3 tons lead ore per fm. ; price for driving 65s. per fm.

We have suspended driving the 100 fm. level east from Buntin’s shaft for the present, and put the men to extend the cross-cut north from said shaft at the 50-fm. level to intersect the lode that is now being profitably wrought in the 50 and 32-fm. levels, and by extending this cross-cut a few fms. we expect to intersect it. Fair progress is being made in driving the 50-fm. level east, and the lode in the end is worth about £10 per fm. for lead and blende, set to drive at £7 per fm. The winze sinking from the 32-fm. level is opening out good paying ground for stoping ; worth about £20 per fm. for lead and blende, set at £9 10s. per fm.; this winze is considerably in advance of the 50-fm. level end. Tribute department ; Our tribute pitches on the whole are looking better ; there are set 20, varying from £6 per ton for lead, and 25s. per ton for blende to 8s. per ton for lead, and 40s. per ton for blende.


LADYWELL (27th May) - In the 32-fm. level driving south from engine shaft, the lode is 2½ ft. wide, composed of carbonate of lime, with a nearly solid rib of lead in the middle of the vein ; we have cut down in the said level and drained all the winzes in the 16-fm. level. The water is flowing out nearly as black as ink, indicating our near approach to softer ground, and I believe to the clinker-like deposits of ore, like those driven through and sunk upon in the before-mentioned 16-fm. level. This latter level is again south into open ground, the lode being charges with solid lumps of ore of a promising character. The rise in the 16, 70 south of shaft, is in a lode worth £30 per fm. The winze below adit near the south end of the level is going down, opening profitable ore ground. The same remark applies to the rise in the said level. Other points as for some time past.


PENNERLEY (25th May) - The lode in the 130-fm. level west is 1 ft. wide, of carbonate of lime, with occassional stones of lead. In the 120-fm. level east we continue to drive north on the branch gone off in that direction and are dailly expecting an important change. The lode in the 100-fm. level west on east and west lode maintains its value, £20 per fm., but the ground is somewhat harder for progress. The stope in the back is worth £25 per fm. The 80-fm. level east on east and west; The lode is 1 ft. wide, yielding good stones of lead, and ground favourable for progress. No change in the cross-cut driving south at this level , although the ground is nearly spent. A few days more must decide this point. The stopes in back of this level will average worth £25 per fm. The cross-cut driving north at the 60-fm. level is making fair progress, and have about 6½ fms. to cut the lode. The stopes in bottom of this level will average worth £20 per fm. The 40-fm. level west on north lode is producing some good stones of lead, with a very promising appearance. The lode in the rise in back of this level is worth £26 per fm. The lode in the winze sinking below the 20-fm. level is worth £15 per fm. A favourable change has taken place in the ground in the cross-cut driving south to cut the Warm Water lode.

POTTER’S PIT - The sinking below the 65-fm. level is making usual progress. The 65 west; The lode continues in the same channel of ground, and yeilding some good stones of lead. No.1 winze: Sinking below this level is a splendid course of ore, and never looked better than at present, worth fully £120 per fm. The stope in back of this level is worth £50 per fm. At the 55-fm. level the cross-cut to intersect the Big Ore lode is making fair progress. The winze sinking below this level is worth £50 per fm. The 45-fm. level west : The lode is 1½ ft. wide, yielding good stones of ore. Stope in back of this level is worth £25 per fm.


SOUTH ROMAN GRAVELS (26th May) - Shelfield engine shaft: The branch of carbonate of lime referred to in last report has crossed the shaft and has formed itself upon the main lode. There is a strong rider of ground in present bottom, which has greatly retarded progress in sinking during the last few days, but I believe this change which has followed the branch referred to is only temporary. The shaft is down 11 fms.


Submitted by Ivor Brown

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