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Colliery Guardian, 30th September 1865


In digging out the foundation for some new houses, the workmen, on Saturday last, came upon some fossil trees. They were broken into pieces of from two to three feet long, and correspond in general appearance with those found some time since near Coalbrookdale.

They are smaller, than those in circumference, and, unlike them, were not standing upright with their roots in situ; they did not, like them, therefore, grow upon the spot, bet were drifted where they were found and embedded in the sand and clay which gathered round them, and tooks the place of the woody fibre as it disappeared. Although found in clay, they belong to a thick seam of sandstone which overlies the pennystone ironstone, one of the most persistent and important iron stone beds of the Shropshire coal-field.


Submitted by Steve Dewhirst

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