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Shropshire, March 1858

Shropshire, March 1858


Colliery Guardian, 20th March 1858
Iron and Coal Masters' Prizes.

THE annual examination for the iron and coal masters' prizes took place on Saturday last, when the candidates, with their respective masters and mistresses, attended from the following schools :— Madeley, Madeley Wood, Coalbrookdale, Broseley, Ironbridge, Wellington, Pool Hill, Donnington Wood, Lilleshall, Ketley, and Shiffnal. The examination was conducted by Her Majesty's Inspector, the Rev. J. P. Norris. The subject chosen as a test of their religious knowledge was the parables of our Lord.

The boys were examined in mensuration, arithmetic, mechanics, geography, history, grammar, &c. The girls were required to make a child's miniature cap; the competitors for the higher prizes had also to cut it out.

Two candidates, a boy and a girl, had their papers taken from them and were not allowed to compete, owing to their dishonesty, in making use of written notes during the examination. This is the first instance of the kind which has occurred since the scheme commenced its working.

A dinner, to which the children did ample justice, was provided for them in the school room.

Submitted by Steve Dewhirst

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