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The Bog Ropeway Trestle

On the 27th March the Stiperstones & Corndon Landscape Partnership erected a ropeway trestle at the Bog Visitor centre (Stiperstones Shropshire SY5 0NG). The trestle designed by "Ropeways Limited" stands on the line of Bog's aerial ropeway, it is similar to steel trestles used on the ropeway and has been placed there as a memorial to all those who worked at the mine.

Loading the ropeway trestle ready for it's trip to Shropshire

Loading the trestle in Lancashire

The trestle was built for a line serving a brickworks near Lancaster, which was closed and the trestles abandoned late in the 20th century. It was made available by Forterra PLC of Claughton Manor Brickworks, who have the distinction of having the last functioning ropeway in the country.

The working ropeway at Claughton Manor, Lancashire

Claughton Manor ropeway

A loaded bucket on the working ropeway

A loaded bucket

Bog mine was redeveloped before the 1st World War and different ways of transporting ore from the mine to the railway at Malehurst and of coal back to the mine were considered. Traction engines would cause extensive damage to the roads, and extending the railway from Snailbeach would be prohibitively expensive. The solution adopted was a five mile aerial ropeway which took less land and could cope with rough ground and gradients. Its drawbacks were its limited carrying capacity, problems in frost and high winds and the amount of maintenance it required. It was designed and constructed by "Ropeways Limited" during 1918, much of the construction work being done by German prisoners of war. The mine closed in 1925 and the ropeway with it.

The ropeway trestle erected at the Bog Visitor Centre

The Bog trestle

Talybont (Alltycrib) mine trip

On Friday 19th January several club members visited Talybont (Alltycrib) mine. All initially descended the so-called Air Shaft into the main workings.

Alan Robinson at top of Talybont entrance pitch (Andy Wood)

Talybont entrance pitch

Andy Wood was the first to descend the second pitch using the in-situ rope, but found that it was two ropes knotted together and slightly awkward to pass, then the top ladder collapsed below him*.

After the two rope pitches there are a series of short fixed ladders to descend – this brings you to a cross-cut that if followed comes to the main adit level. Inbye there are several mining artefacts to view.

* The top ladder is not really part of the descent system and was probably an older ladder removed from below and just left on the pitch for convenience! Part of one leg had rotted and it collapsed when Andy stepped on it. The ladder was reversed so that the broken section is now near the top.

Deviations were placed near the top, and lower down the second pitch – a single 45m rope will cover both rope pitches and use of the deviations removes any rub points. There are now two 10mm bolts near the rebelay location but they require hangers to use (one of these bolts was added during the trip – another bolt was placed lower down for the second deviation).

Flooded working at end of adit level (Andy Wood)

Flooded working in the level

Subsequently a visit was made to Wilkinson’s Level which was more extensive than remembered or expected. The pitch beyond the oil drum was not descended. A report was made to the Bat group that a greater horseshoe bat was seen in Wilkinson’s Level.

Report by: Steve Holding

Madeley Court Colliery - Shaft collapse?

At the beginning of the year BBC Shropshire announced that a shaft had opened up and the Council had been forced to fence it. However, that was not quite right.

The shaft concerned was the run-in Shaft No.14 of the Madeley Court Colliery. It hadn’t actually changed, but it once had a metal and chain link fence around it, over the years this has become overgrown and trees have collapsed onto it.

Telford and Wrekin Council have installed a new wooden fence around the 'hole' with warning signs.

The remains of the old fence are visible a few metres inside the new one.

Madeley Court Colliery - Shaft 14

Fletcher Methodist Chapel - Vandalised

The Grade II listed Fletcher Methodist Church in Court Street, Madeley along with the Church Hall at the rear, has been empty and unused for a over a year with no sign of a purchaser coming forward.

Fletcher Methodist Chapel

Over the night of 4th/5th January 2018, vandals broke in smashing windows and damaging the interior, although Police don’t believe that anything was stolen. Following the break-in all the windows and doors have been boarded up.

The Chapel, built in 1841, was popular with local miners and became known as “the Miners Chapel”. Ivor Brown organised a couple of mining memorial events there in recent years.

Fletcher Methodist Chapel

Miners hat with candle and lens

Diary Dates

4th-6th May: Mendip Cavefest 2018, Priddy.

1st-4th June: NAMHO 2018 Conference. Based at Dean Field Studies Centre, Parkend, Forest of Dean, The event is run by the GSS, RFDCC, Hades and SGMRG.

3rd June: BCA AGM, Forest of Dean.

21st June - 7th July: 18th International Symposium on Vulcanospeleology, Lava Beds National Monument, California.

28th July - 4th August: NSS Convention, Helena, Montana.

23rd-26th August: 12th EuroSpeleo Forum, Ebensee, Austria.

September 2018: Hidden Earth, National Caving Conference, venue and date to be announced. More details will be released on their web:

27th October: Ivor Brown Memorial Day, Glass Classroom, Coalbrookdale. In association with the Friends of the IGMT.


4th-8th July, 2019: NAMHO 2019 Conference, to be hosted by Roy Fellows at Llanafan (between Tregaron and Aberystwyth), Ceredigion, in Wales.


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