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Mine Kibble

An underground training sessionTraining
Everybody has to start somewhere and the Club organises training sessions and special trips (often on a Wednesday evening at Snailbeach, although training venues do change depending upon the activities involved) to allow novices to learn the necessary skills without pressure.

We mainly use Single Rope Techniques (abseiling and prussiking) and experienced Club Members are always willing to teach these skills and advise on the necessary personal equipment.

As SRT equipment is expensive the club has a few sets of equipment that can be lent to beginners during traiing sessions and for the first few trips.

Please note:

  • Underground exploration can be potentially dangerous if you do not have the right equipment and skills. This is why you should consider joining a well established Club, who can train you and lend you equipment for your first few trips.
  • a flying batHave a look at our Links page to find links to other underground exploration groups, both in Britain and around the world.