Neal abseiled down the shaft, with the Fire Service providing surface cover. The dog was easily found and persuaded to get in a tackle bag - actually it was so pleased to see Neal that it jumped on him!

Once safely in the bag it was hauled to the surface by the Fire Service - apparently none the worse for the incident.

The dog had actually landed on a pile of rubbish filling the shaft about 20 feet down. Soundness of the fill was not tested!

Powis shaft is one of three shafts associated with the mine and is actually located in Wales!

The incident ended around 4.45pm

Report by: Steve Holding


Wednesday 3rd December 1997

On Wednesday 3rd December 1997 the Club was called to rescue a dog that had fallen down Powis Shaft, Cliffdale Mine on the Shropshire - Wales border.

Dog Rescue from a shaft

The dog is believed to have fallen at about 10.30am. The Fire Service was on scene from approximately 1pm with the RSPCA.


Assistance of MCRO was requested about 2pm and two team members Neal Rushton and Steve Holding attended the scene, arriving about 3.30pm