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'Mongst Mines and Mine Explorers



In the past few years mining in Britain has undergone considerable changes. Modern "state-of-the-art" mines have often closed within a few years of opening, and some have even been abandoned before they were finished.

Old abandoned mines have become the focus of attention for planners and developers and hundreds of sites have been filled in, demolished and made "safe".

Working in conjunction with I.A.Recordings an attempt has been made to record something of Britain's underground heritage, before it is too late.

  • Historic Mines of Spain Vol. 2 - a record of the 2008 Club exploration of the mines of Sierra Minera and Mazarron. Available on DVD and Blu-ray.

  • 'Mongst Mines and Mine Explorers, a three DVD disc set exploring Cornish mines on the surface and underground recorded on Club trips to the West Country over a number of years.
  • 'Mongst More Mines, follows members of the Club exploring various mines in Devon and Cornwall during the 2007 NAMHO Conference based at Morwellham Quay, Devon
  • A Tour of Clive Copper Mine, join Club members in the exploration of this fascinating copper mine in North Shropshire.
  • Clive Rescue Practice - a record of a rescue practice organised by the SCMC as part of its training programme, for Club Members, in rescue techniques.
  • Snailbeach - this famous lead mine in the South of Shropshire, was once renowned as the "the richest mine per acre of ground in Europe" and has had a long and varied history.
  • The SCMC in Cornwall - follows Club Members as they explore the incomparable mining remains still to be found in Cornwall, both above and below ground.
  • The SCMC in Ireland - follows members of the Club as they explore some of the mining heritage of Ireland, this "mining gem of a country" in 1995 and '96.