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Rather than lose material through the lack of publication, it was felt that small research topics should be released to a wider audience - if only to prevent the duplication of work by others, these items of historical interest which were considered too long for "Below!" and too short to be a Club "Account" are printed in the Club Journal.

Some items from the journals have been reproduced on this web site (in the Labyrinth or Armchair cavers section) and on the web site of the Shropshire Mines Trust

We only printed a limited number of each Journal and they are now all out of print.

Topics covered in the 1993 to 2004 Journals are:

Journal 1
Published 1993


  •  Why are Tankerville's Main Lodes where they are? Richard Fowler
  •  Guide to Carrying out your own Research Project, Adrian Pearce
  •  Gholstly SOunds from Glas Shaft, Esgairhir Mine, Bob Southwick
  •  Steam Engines of Pennerley Mine, Ivor Brown
  •  Field Notes on Shropshire Mines - 1993, Adrian Pearce
  •  St. Just United & Porthledden Mines, Roy Fellows
  •  Near Disaster in Brynfedwen Mine, Bob Southwick
  •  Who Protects our Monments? Adrian Pearce
  •  An Anagram, a Legend, a Miscarriage of Justice and a Fake, David Coxall
  •  The HIgh Blantyre Mine Disaster, Nick Southwick
  •  Recent Changes at Snailbeach Mine, Steve Holding
  •  Technical Aspects of Snailbeach Phase 1, Alan Robinson
  •  Wilderley Copper Mine, Malcolm Newton & Adrian Pearce

Journal 2
Published 1994


  •  Moelferna Slate Quarry, J.D.Evans
  •  The Contest, Terry Davies
  •  Nantymwyn Lead & Zinc Mine, Roy Fellows
  •  Westcott Mine, Adrian Pearce
  •  A Share of Cornish Tin, George Hall
  •  Central Snailbeach Lead Mine, Nigel Chapman
  •  Bwlch-y-Plwm Lead Mine, Harold Morris & Ron Twigg
  •  Rhadley & Sallies Mines, Alisdair Neill
  •  Tankerville's Main Lodes - a Response, George Hall
  •  Dressing Floors on the Kingside Lode, Copa Hill, Cwmystwyth Mine, Colin Armfield
  •  Listed Mine Sites in Shropshire, Adrian Pearce
  •  Clearance & Examination of Stone Building on Copa Hill, Colin Armfield
  •  Coal Mining in the Shrewsbury District, Stuart Tomlins
  •  Well at Lilleshall Hall, Newport, David Coxall & Adrian Pearce
  •  Pant y Wrach Copper Mine, Harold Morris
  •  Explorations at Rorrington Mine, Steve Powell
  •  South Shropshire Project 1993-94

Journal 3
Published 1995


  •  Surface Mining Remains in Shropshire
  •  Mines of the North Shropshire Coalfields - Some Sources of Information, Ivor Brown
  •  The Coalbrookdale Coalfield, David Coxill
  •  Point of Ayr Colliery - a Change in Working Methods, Adrian Pearce
  •  The Shaft Sinking Saga at Ifton Colliery 1912-14, Ivor Brown
  •  Geology & Extraction History of Non-Aggregate Mineral Resources of Staffordshire, David Coxill
  •  Early Mining Maps of the Ironbridge Gorge, Ivor Brown
  •  Frongoch Mine - an Undergorund Exploration, Roy Fellows
  •  Miner's Housing in the Shropshire Hills, Ivor Brown
  •  Ketley Hill Tunnel System, Adrian Pearce
  •  Survey of Stanley Colliery, Highley & Associated Features, David Poyner & Robert Evans
  •  Penrhyn Mawr Diggers Reach Rock Bottom, Harold Morris
  •  Clee Hills Colliery near Ludlow, Nigel Chapman

Journal 4
Published 1996


  •  Kiwi Gold - Past & Present, Alan Robinson
  •  Cissbury Bellpits, Sussex, David Coxill
  •  Gilfach Copper Mine, Steve Powell
  •  John Lloyd, the Lilleshall Company, Steam Engines, Fans & Pumps, Ivor Brown
  •  Tankerville Mine, Adrian Pearce
  •  Bacheiddon Mine, Roy Fellows
  •  Memories of Ifton Colliery, Harry Richards
  •  Mamble Colliery, David Poyner & Robert Evans
  •  The Miners Welfare Fund in Shropshire 1920-1947, Ivor Brown
  •  Cwmbrwyino Mine, Roy Fellows
  •  Linley Caverns, Walsall, Steve Powell
  •  Some Mining Remains in Ireland, Nick Southwick & Mike Moore
  •  The Central Snailbeach Mine, Andy Cuckson

Journal 5
Published 1997


  •  Recent Finds in Llanymynech Ogof, Pete Owen
  •  Colliery Closures in the British Coalfield, in paerticular the Staffodshire Coalfied, David Coxill
  •  Excavation of the Mine Managers Office at Snailbeach Mine, Steve Southwick & Sue Brueton
  •  Mining History, Ireland and the World Wide Web: a Survey of Current Resources, Greg Fewer
  •  Coal Nationalisation 50 Years on - the East Shropshire Coalfield, David Coxill
  •  Memories of Madeley, Harry Micklewright
  •  Review of the Geological Memoir of Telford & the Coalbrookdale Coalfield, David Coxill
  •  Henfwlch Mine Explored, Roy Fellows
  •  General Rules & Special Rules at Shropshire Mines, Ivor Brown
  •  Descent of Watson's Shaft, Tankerville Mine, Alan Robinson
  •  The Examination for Shropshire's Potential Colliery Managers in 1901, Ivor Brown
  •  Mining in Hunthouse Wood, Mamble, Worcestershire, David Poyner, Andrew Santer & Robert Evans
  •  More Mining Remains in Ireland, Nick Southwick & Mike Moore

Journal 6
Published 1998


  •  Priors Moor, Billinglsey, David Poyner & Robert Evans
  •  Meadow Pit Colliery - the Mine that Worked under Madeley Town, Ivor Brown
  •  Glogfach & Glogfawr Mines, Roy Fellows
  •  George ferriday and the 1912 accident at Billingsley Colliery, David Poyner
  •  Answers to Colliery Manager's Certificate Exams, Ivor Brown
  •  Rock Mine, Alan Robinson
  •  The Roman Gravels, Clifford Evans
  •  Comments on Colliery Closures, Ivor Brown
  •  John Williamson's Tunnels, Steve Powell
  •  Photograph of Roundhill Mine, Adrian Pearce
  •  Ode to Onslow, John Martin
  •  Granville Colliery Disaster 1904 - its Aftermath, Ivor Brown
  •  Bats in Shropshire Mines, Mike Worsfold
  •  Mineral Extraction and Town & Country Planning, David Coxill

Journal 7
Published 2001


  •  Field Work at Mable Colliery, 1997-9, David Poyner
  •  The Cliffdale Barytes Company, Andy Cuckson
  •  The Snailbeach Barytes Mill, Andy Cuckson
  •  Bones recovered from the Ogof (Roman Mine), Llanymynech Hill, Powys, Alan Tyler
  •  Mock Tree Caves, Near Leintwardine, Herefordshire), Steve Powell
  •  Mock Tree Quarry Caves, Steve Powell
  •  Mining in Shropshire in 1900, Ivor Brown
  •  Some Small Mines in the Coalbrookdale Coalfield, 1950-1970, Ivor Brown
  •  Clive Copper Mine - safety works, Peter Sheldrake
  •  Creswell Colliery, An account of the 1950 accident 50 years on, John Priest

Journal 8
Published 2003


  •  The Tragedy near Telford Town Centre, Dark Lane Pit Disaster 29th Dec. 1862, Ivor Brown
  •  Mining at Callow Hill, Andy Cuckson
  •  Bog Mine down to 1760, Michael Shaw
  •  The Industrial Archaeology of Whatsill No.3 Pit, Titterstone Clee Hill, David Poyner
  •  Demonstration at Madeley, Ivor Brown
  •  Mining on Cothercott Hill (Cothercott & Wilderley Mines and their transport), Michael Shaw
  •  Upper Hayton Copper Mine, David Poyner
  •  Shropshire Miners Wages in the 1950's, Ivor Brown
  •  Colliery Managers Pocket Book, 1902 - Answering Questions in Mining Examinations
  •  1769 Inventory of Snailbeach Lead Mine, Michael Shaw
  •  Early Methods of lighting in coal mines, Alan Vickers
  •  Mining in Shropshire in 1901, Ivor Brown

Journal 9
Published 2004


  •  Mining remains by Highley Station, David Poyner
  •  The Parrys and Central Stores, Andy Cuckson
  •  Some Notes on Rescuing Trapped Miners using ‘Boreholes’, Ivor J. Brown
  •  Alfred Hewitt of Snailbeach, Lead Mine Worker 1878-1974, Ivor J. Brown
  •  The Old Wind Terminus of the Shropshire Canal, Kelvin Lake
  •  The “Shropshire Method” or “Longwall Method of Mining”, Ivor J. Brown
  •  The work of Dr. William Reid Clanny, Alan Vickers
  •  The Shropshire Barytes Industry, Michael Shaw
  •  Steam Engines on the Clee Hill to 1810, David Poyner
  •  Lead mining in Shropshire before 1815, James Lawson
  •  Some Mining Artefacts in Level Fawr, Cwmystwyth Lead Mine, Kelvin Lake