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50 Years of Mine Exploration - NAMHO 2011 proceedings

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NAMHO 2006 Conference Proceedings


The detailed results of Members research on a particular mine site or topic is occasionally published by the Club in the form of an "Account".

Accounts can range from detailed surveys and histories of particular sites, to write-ups on club explorations, and the results of historical research into, for example, mining accidents in Shropshire.

Club Accounts - still in Print

Aerial Ropeways of Shropshire
Account 28 - by Mike Shaw, David Poyner and Robert Evans (2015)

It has taken quite some time to produce - mainly because new material was constantly being found. For example it wasn’t until a Christmas walk earlier this year stumbled upon a concrete ropeway pylon base high on the hill above Perkins Beach, that the route of the Perkins Beach ropeway could be pinned down!

The book is divided into 2 sections:
Part 1 - East Shropshire, covers the coal mine ropeways of Catherton Common, Bayton, Billingsley and Alverley plus the ropeway at Cosford Waterworks and some minor ropeways around the county.

Part 2 - West Shropshire, covers the ropeways from the Bog and Huglith mines to Malehurst Mill near Pontesbury. It brings together a lot of the fieldwork and research that Club members have done over the past 10 to 12 years while ‘tracing’ the routes of these ropeways.

It also briefly looks at some ‘imaginary’ Shropshire ropeways.

A4 with soft covers, 68 pages and numerous photographs, both historical and modern, it has proved a big hit with those that have seen it.
ISBN: 978-0-9553019-5-7
Price £12+p&p. Available online at: Moorebooks,  www.moorebooks.co.uk

50 years of Mine Exploration
Proceedings of the 2011 NAMHO Conference. Various authors (2014)

The proceedings of the 2011 National Association of Mining History Organisations Conference at Preston Montford. The conference theme was "50 Years of Mine Exploration" - to coincide with the 50th birthday of the Club. A high proportion of the papers delivered at the conference are included. Printed as a 'lavish' full colour publication.

A4, soft covers, 128 pages. ISBN: 978-0-9553019-6-4
Price £16 plus £1 p&p.   Available online at: Moorebooks,  www.moorebooks.co.uk

The Early History of the Shropshire Caving & Mining Club
Account 27 - by David Adams, Founder Member (2011)

An account of the formation of the Shropshire Caving & Mining Club and some of the activities and events that happened during it's first 10 years of existance.
Written by David Adams the founder of the club, it is illustrated with 84 black & white pictures from the Club's early years.

A4, card covers, 49 pages. ISBN: 978-0-9553019-4-0
Price £6 plus £1 p&p.   Available online at: Moorebooks,  www.moorebooks.co.uk

The History of Limestone Mining in Church Aston & Lilleshall
Account 25 - by David Adams (2007)

This extensive account is a fully revised and updated re-edition of Club Account 7, published in 1970, and covers the history of mining in the Lilleshall and Church Aston area (near Newport, Shropshire) from it's recorded beginnings in the 17th Century through to it's demise in the 20th century. It also covers the associated development of local transport routes - notably the Donnington Wood Canal with it's incline plane and numerous wharves.
Chapter 6 is a field guide, with 4 "guided" walks to lead visitors around some of the surviving remains of the area.
In addition to the numerous photographs, illustrations and maps, a couple of A3 fold-out plans are included to provide greater clarity when studying the underground workings.
A4, card covers, 245 pages, 123 B/w plates. ISBN: 978-09553019-1-9
Price: £20 plus £2 p&p.   Available online at: Moorebooks,  www.moorebooks.co.uk

Mining in the Landscape
NAMHO 2006 Conference Proceedings. Various authors (2007)

This publication contains the proceedings of the 2006 National Association of Mining History Organisations (NAMHO) conference held at Llangollen and orgranised by the Shropshire Caving & Mining Club and the Shropshire Mines Trust. The theme of the conference was "Mining in the Landscape" and the talks ranged from the local metal mining industry from prehistoric times (at Great Orme) to the large 18th & 19th century complexes at Minera. Barytes, and coal mining were also covered in surrounding areas. While mining landscapes in Cornwall, Arraynes (Spain) and Zloty Stok (Poland) were discussed by lecturers.
A4, 86 pages. ISBN: 978-0-9553019-2-6
Price £7.50 plus £1 post & packing.  Available from: Moorebooks, www.moorebooks.co.uk