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Practicing passing complex instructions over the radio

Picture: Team members practicing radio procedures.


British Cave Rescue Council logoThe Shropshire Caving and Mining Club is one of the major club supporters (along with Dudley Caving Club) of the Midlands Cave Rescue Organisation (MCRO). Many club members from both organisations volunteer as MCRO team members. As such we can be called out to help with a variety of underground problems.

Although the area MCRO covers is comprised mainly of old mine workings (several of which are unstable), we have been very fortunate in that there has not been a major incident in our area for a number of years (although we have been called out to provide backup support to other areas).

MCRO holds regular training and practice sessions for team members. They also hold 'familiarisation' exercises with local Fire & Rescue teams and members attend training session with Gloucester Cave Rescue Group, South & Mid Wales CRT and other CROs.