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Wellington Journal & Shrewsbury News, February 17, 1906

Lord Tankerville has for some months been endeavouring to re-open the various lead mines on his Shropshire estate, which have been closed for many years. Operations at some of the mines have already commenced. Lord and Lady Tankerville, accompanied by Mrs. Van Marten, arrived from London on Tuesday night at Minsterley Station. The station premises were packed with miners awaiting their arrival, which was marked by the discharge of fog signals. The miners insisted upon drawing his lordship's carriage themselves. The Minsterley Brass Band headed a torchlight procession to Snailbeach, where Lord and Lady Tankerville have taken apartments.

A halt was made at Ploxgreen, when Lady Tankerville addressed the large concourse of people. Her ladyship said that Lord Tankerville was sorry he could not address them, as he was suffering from a severe cold. Continuing, her ladyship said: — "We are very grateful for the hearty welcome you have given us. We have all been praying for great things to happen in this neighbourhood, and great things are going to take place in these valleys of yours. We must give God all the praise. This great gathering is a sign of the good things to come".

Lady Tankerville's speech was heartily cheered.

Submitted by Steve Dewhirst

Note: Tuesday night referred to above would have been Tuesday, 13th February 1906.

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