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From the Engineering Record, September 1894


WALTHAM. MASS., September 13, 1894.

To the Editor of The Engineering RECORD.
SIR: A feat performed by a laborer of the Sewer Department of this city may be of interest to your readers connected with sewer work. On September 11 an undersized Hungarian, nicknamed “The Rabbit,” his real name being Gustave Mosial, went through some 850 feet of 15 inch pipe running from 2½ inches to 4 inches deep with sewerage, in making an inspection of the same. In some places he reported pipe which were crushed and flattened, and 12 joints in one spot which had offset for something like 2 inches, virtually reducing the height of the sewer to 12½ and 13 inches in the various points. Besides this there was an accumulation of sand and sludge so that there could not have been over 9 inches of clear space between the top of the pipe and the surface of the sewerage at some points during a portion of the time while he was in and pushing the sludge ahead of him. One of the sections that he went through was 350 feet between the manholes. Though of small stature. he is an exceptionally strong and wiry individual. I regard this as a noteworthy feat, which could be paralleled by but few men, so far as my observation goes. Those familiar with sewer work will appreciate his difficulties.

City Engineer and Superintendent of Sewers.


Submitted by Brian Tildesley

Note: Discovered during researches in 1992.

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