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Monthly Illustrated, June, 1875
The New Mining Enterprise at MOAT HALL, Shropshire


We are glad to find that Mr. Shorthouse, with characteristic energy, is pushing mining enterprise beyond the old limits in the direction of Elmwood, near Shrewsbury. He is now sinking a new shaft at some distance from the old one, at which he is getting some excellent coal. Mr. Shorthouse appears to be using the best appliances for the purpose and has already got down 118 yards, he expects to find coal at 152 yards. We wish him every success and trust that his efforts will only be the prelude to further operations, for there can be no doubt but that an extensive Coal Field, as yet untouched, lies hidden beneath the Red Sand-stone, which crops out, displaying a most interesting section, just above the old Coal Field, at Red Hill.


Submitted by Steve Dewhirst

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