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“Appalling Death of Two Men”.
Derbyshire Times, 26th March 1859


A most appalling catastrophe occurred at North Shields, last week. In the outskirts, there is a landsale pit known as Preston New Winning, and the waterworks company have arranged for a supply of water from it. Between four and five o'clock, Mr. Thomas Wilson, foreman to Messrs. Hepple and Landells, engine-wrights, and Mr. Thomas Proctor, foreman to the waterworks, descended into the pit to look after the workmen employed putting the pipe in. They went down in a cage, and scarcely got to the bottom when a most frightful catastrophe occurred.

The banksman, John Hardman, had not noticed that the cage had gone down, he being engaged in talking to some cartmen. He pushed a tub to the shaft, but observing, too late, that the cage had gone, he held on to it. It dragged him after, and he, with it fell down the shaft. They fell on Mr. Wilson, who was killed on the spot. Hardman's back was broken, and he died very shortly after. The tub also struck Mr. Proctor, breaking one of his thighs, and otherwise injuring him; and from enquiries made on Wednesday morning, there were very slight hopes indeed of his recovery.

Page 4 Col. 4.


Submitted by Alan Vickers

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