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Wellington Journal, January 15, 1859


A diabolical attempt to cut a pit rope was made a few days ago at the pit of Francis Upton, called the “workman’s pit,” at Coalpit Bank, and the dreadful consequences of which were prevented under rather singular circumstances, Enoch Upton, a son of the charter-master, when about to descend the pit in the morning, advised the colliers to examine the pit rope, as he had dreamed that it was cut. On examination this was found to be the case, the rope being nearly severed just below the pulley.

No clue has yet been obtained to the perpetrator of this fiendish act. A few years ago a similar atrocious offence was committed at Ketley, when unfortunately there was no “dreamer” present, and the lives of several poor colliers were sacrificed, and the cowardly offenders never discovered.


Submitted by Ray Rushton

Note: Coalpit Bank was in the Ketley area (now part of Telford).

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