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Colliery Guardian, January 2nd, 1858
Colliery Explosions


ONE of those fearful explosions of carburetted hydrogen gas that sometimes cause loss of life, and do great damage to mines, took place in one of the Madeley Wood Company’s pits a few nights ago. Happily a feeder having been discovered, from which mischief was apprehended, the men and horses were all drawn up the shaft before ignition took place. The mouth of the shaft was, I believe, covered over: and the gas, it is supposed, became tired by coming in contact with some small coal where a sulphurous fire was smouldering. The report was heard during the night; the ground was shaken for a considerable distance; and the force of the current up the 300 yard shaft, threw a portion of the small pieces of coal about the pit’s mouth, and overturned the runner. The coals being suspected of being on fire, the mouth of the shaft is at present closed by scaffolding covered with sand.


Submitted by Steve Dewhirst

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