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London Illustrated News, September 26th, 1857
Fatal Boiler Explosion in Durham.


On Sunday morning, one of the boilers at the Trimdon Grange Colliery burst with a report like the explosion of a magazine of powder. The chimney was split, the stone walls blown to atoms, the boilers shifted out of their places, and a large number of houses damaged by bricks, stones, pulleys, metal pipes &c. The boiler had split in two; the upper part was blown over the tops of six or eight houses, and fell about 100 yards distance from the place. The other part was lifted over the engines, houses, and railway, at a distance of about 150 yards.

On clearing away the stones and rubbish near where the boiler stood, the dead bodies of two young men were discovered, the one named John Orton, the other Roper, the fireman. A child playing in the street was struck by one of the bricks, and there seems to be little hope of its recovery.


Submitted by Alan Vickers

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