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From an Old Poster, 1829


The Theatre Royal, Worcester, Monday 12th May 1829

A new melodrama called:   The Cornish Miners, or The Maniac’s Den

Act I Scene 3 The Shaft, or Entrance to the Mine
  Scene 4 Interior of a Tin Mine, Miners at work, implements scattered about and mine basket constantly ascending and descending the Shaft
  inc. Chorus, “We merry miners few cares know”
    The stoppage of the Steam Engine.
The awful Breaking-In of the Mine, and appearance of the Maniac.
Act II Scene 1 The Shaft
  Scene 6 Gallery of the mine. Miners discovered in despair. The rocks burst with terrific explosion and the miners are saved.
Last Scene inc Finale Exterior of Mine
“Success to our Cornish Miners.”


Submitted by Brian Tildesley

Note: Discovered during researches in February 1993.

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