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Newcastle Courant, April 8, 1826


We whose marks are hereunto subscribed, being bound Pitmen to the Owners of Backworth Colliery did, contrary to Orders, make use of a Candle in a dangerous Part of the Mine, where Safety lamps only were directed to be used, and by so doing put the lives of upwards of One Hundred of our Fellow Workmen to most imminent Danger. For such Misconduct our Masters had us apprehended an examined before the Magistrate, who, but for the Intercession of our Employers, would have committed us to hard Labour in the House of Correction for three Months. In Consideration, however, of our former good Behaviour and sincere Contrition, they had consented to withdraw Proceedings against us, upon our thus publicly acknowledging our Crime, and paying all Expenses attending the same.

Alex. BARRAS, X his Mark. James OLD, X his Mark.
Witness, John OLIVER, John HUNTER.
Backworth Colliery, April 5th, 1826.


Submitted by Alan Vickers

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