Once there a pair of rails were laid out and the truck placed on them.

If you haven’t had a chance to see the truck yet it is well worth seeing. It is very easy to tip and operate and hopefully it will survive for quite a few years before needing any repairs!


Nick Southwick nailing down the rails for the truck.
Above: John Davis and others look on as Nick Southwick nails down the rails to support the truck.
(Picture: Kelvin Lake - I.A.Recordings)


Barry Does it Again!
The Shropshire Mines Trust and SCMC have joined together to have a replica made of one of the tipping trucks on the 40 yard level of Snailbeach Lead Mine.

Thanks to the the efforts of Ian Cooper in producing some excellent scale drawings of the existing truck Barry Ellis has been able to create a superb replica.

The truck was delivered on the 7th September, 2015 - in time for the Heritage Days the following weekend. A small group of Trust and Club members assembled to get the truck into the Baryte stope. Although in the end Peter Eggleston and Kelvin Lake were able to pull and push the truck fairly easily and quickly along Roberts Level and round to the Baryte stope.


Barry Ellis with the truck in the 'tipped' position.
Above: Barry Ellis with the truck in the 'tipped' position, in it’s final location in the Baryte stope. .
(Picture: Kelvin Lake - I.A.Recordings)