Main Gadgets


The Borg consists of the same high quality micro-miniature colour video camera and 50 Watt wide beam light source as the MineCam, with a Hi-8 Camcorder mounted in a waterproofed backpack - controlled by a remote control box, fixed by velcro to the 'camera persons' chest.

The light is mounted in an old miners cap-lamp housing, while the camera is fixed to the side of the helmet at eye-level (to give a more realistic viewing position).

A small front silvered mirror on a hinged arm allows the operator to see the view finder mounted on the opposite side of the head to the camera, again at eye-level.

Trials of the 'Borg' have produced some fascinating underground exploration video, although the person wearing the kit has to be careful not to move too fast !

Following on from the success of the Club trials with the MineCam and having seen Alien where they explored the planet with helmet mounted cameras, it was only a matter of time before the Club techno started building one....

The rest as they say is history .... !



Borg Model

Pictures: Peter Eggleston